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The Apps of the future are going to be far more INTELLIGENT. They are going to communicate with people in plain English. They are going to have their own personalities.

Think of a mobile version of HAL 9000, the intelligent computer in Stanley Kubrick's movie '2001: A Space Odyssey'.


At AI Machines, We are building the world's first Artificial Intelligence Platform for AI powered Apps. 

These next generation of AI apps will be able to hear you, understand you, remember your preferences,  analyze facts, use their common sense, recommend the best options and generate voice responses in plain English.




The "Intelli-Agent" is a Artificial Intelligence powered OS/Platform that provides you with a truly HUMAN way of interacting with your Mobile/IoT devices using conversations in simple plain english.  


The platform is built using proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms that empowers the Apps running on it with     an ability to "listen", "understand", "analyze", "talk" and "display info" as humans.    
Intelli-Agent enables the Apps to take actions  &  DO  things   e.g.    execute online transactions such as booking a table  at   your   favorite  restaurant, ordering products from e-commerce store fronts, make travel bookings.