An A.I. Bot that TRULY UNDERSTANDS what it takes to SELL

LISA is an A.I Assistant that TRUELY UNDERSTANDS every sales move you make in real time. She comprehends your customers activities and infers things you need EVEN before you need them.

LISA truly understands your scheduled events form your calendar, your incoming emalls form customers, your slack messages and comines that with a deep understanding of your Sales Activities form your CRM and turns that into proactive Action Items in a TRULY HUMAN manner so that you focus on the one thing really matters - SELLING

LISA uses Artificial General Intelligence(AGI) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to help you

  • Convert more prospects to Opportunities
  • Spend more time donig Sales-Not entering Data
  • Check your Customer's pulse
  • Truly Connect with Customers
  • Close Deals Faster

LISA automatically extracts information from Slack Messages, incoming customer emails and activities logged by sales reps in CRM and turns them into actionable items so that the sales reps can focus on one thing that really matters - SELLING.

Use LISA’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities to

  • Convert more Prospects into Opportunities
  • Follow up with Opportunities that need attention
  • Close Deals Faster.
  • Spend more time doing Sales – Not entering data manually
  • Coordinate Meetings and Calls with Customers

Focus on the right opportunities, Grow your
Accounts, Close deals faster.

Sales Problems solved by LISA

Know more about how LISA helps you sell.

Prioritize on the most potential leads.

LISA intelligently filters your opportunities, prioritizes them and helps you nurture them from time to time.

Focus on the right opportunities that need attention

LISA monitors your activities from various sources and autonomously reminds you to follow up with customers on important & urgent tasks

Co-ordinate Meetings & Calls with Customers

LISA uses her A.I. driven Scheduling skills to help you resolve conflicts & coordinate meetings across different dates, times and timezones.

Focus on building relationships Not on Data Entry

Sales Reps spend a lot of time MANUALLY entering data. They are unable to do what they are hired to do – SALES. LISA automatically extracts actionable insights from customer emails and Slack using NLP/NLU and populates contacts, opportunities and activities into CRM.

Improve Sales Visibility and Forecasts

LISA assists you in maintaining accurate data by identifying potential gaps in data entry using A.I. Rules so that managers can act on time and save the deal.